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May 7, 2008

Had the opportunity to stress test a new server today. Pretty average specs apart from the dual quad-core Xeon’s. Booted up Ubuntu off a live cd so I would not disturb the Server 2k3 on there and downloaded the FAH v6 client.

Only problem though was I could not get it to run in SMP mode because I was running a 32-bit Ubuntu. No problems, I will just boot the 64-bit version. After booting the AMD64 cd, fah6 would not load; just giving an error from bash “file or folder cannot be found”. I had a quick play around but it seemed to be an issue with the 32-bit compatibility libraries (I file’d the executable and it said it was a 32-bit elf). Running out of time I simply made 8 directories and ran 8 copies of the program, changing the machine id for each instance

Check out the screenshot of the 8 terminal’s open running F@H and 8 cores running flat stick!

Edit: As you can see, that screenshot was taken just after the machine was booted. Once all the cores engaged and were left humming uninterrupted the load average sat at a nice 8.01.

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