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Arduino Action

December 20, 2008 Comments off

Hi there. Today I finally got some time to sit down with my Arduino Duemilanove (and motor control shield) and have a good play. Firstly I hooked up the Duemilanove board and played with a few examples (mostly just flashing LED 13 a few different ways. I did want it to flash the beat to “Everybody Dance Now” but didn’t want to spend that much time!) then got onto the task of building the motor shield.

Thankfully the motor shield works perfectly. I was able to control the steering of my robo-car with a servo connected and able to drive the car forwards and backwards using a standard DC motor connected to one of the motor controller inputs.

After that, I dove into writing  a small test program or “sketch” in Arduino language to read the ultrasonic rangefinder I am placing on the front of the car. After an hour of tweaking I seemed to have succeeded.  The sketch I wrote reads the analog pin, averages the last three readings to keep the distance a little more stable, then converts the voltage reading into a cm value. The Arduino then pipes the results out the USB serial port. The setup and output can be seen below. If anyone is interested in the code, drop me a line.

Next step, interfacing the motor shield with RoboRealm! Should be easy.

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Hacking the Apple TV

December 10, 2008 Comments off

Just a quick post here. Mythbuntu on an Apple TV is awesome. I am amazed at just how well it runs. I guess it isn’t really that far fetched as the old 701 Eee would play back most things fine. HD channels look great too.

Having a little trouble with the IR receiver in it currently (I’m not too keen on having to recompile LIRC just to get it going). So for the time being I have a USB keyboard attached to it. 25 days since I set it up initially and so far, no lockups, video artifacts or issues of any kind. Really makes such a nice Myth frontend for only $329.

Hacking the Apple TV

Hacking the Apple TV

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