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Intel NUC Emergency Boot Mode

July 25, 2015

Intel NUC - Celeron

It can be difficult to work out how to get into BIOS on the NUC, especially if you have made some changes to UEFI settings or installed different (secure & unsecure) operating systems.

After countless Google searches which described different procedures for the various NUC models I found out that, for at least the dual-core Celeron model, the procedure for entering the Emergency Boot Mode.

  1. Power off the NUC.
  2. Press AND hold the power button for about 3 seconds to turn on the NUC.
  3. All going well you should arrive in a text-only maintenance menu.

There is an internal jumper on some models which will boot the NUC straight into the maintenance menu, however it can be a pain to have to open up the computer when you need to use it; especially if you are constantly trying out different operating systems.

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